Terms and conditions

Anyone aged under 14 is not entitled to participate in the race.

Minors must have the authorization from their legal representatives to participate in the Ultimate Race.

Parental consent is available here and must be returned to the organizers before the race’s start.

Although the organization recommends a medical examination before participating in this physical race, the submission of a medical certificate is not required.

Nevertheless, the race requires a good physical condition and by registering, the participant agrees with the Regulations of the Ultimate Race. Therefore, the participant declares to be in good condition and will not bring legal action against the organization in case of physical failure on his/her part.

If a participant does not feel able to overcome an obstacle he can run past it.

It is possible to participate in the Race Utimate alone or as a team.


Registration is available online via the website

For organizational reasons, the number of participants is limited.

Running under another name is not allowed.

Rules compliance

Any participant in the Utimate Race must respect the code of conduct, all traffic and forest regulations and the organizer’s instructions under the penalty of disqualification.

The organizers, members of staff and third parties may in no circumstances be held liable for any possible damages of any kind, including participation in the race. Under the same conditions, neither the organizer nor the before mentioned persons may be held liable for any technical problem, of whatever type, occurring during the course of the event, with themselves, with a participant in the race and / or a third party.

Respect of the environment

It is forbidden to dump waste on the race’s track; bins will be placed along it and must be used.


The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel schedules, routes, obstacles and mileage if deemed necessary according to the conditions.


The organization shall not be held liable for theft, breakage or loss of personal property of any participant during the event.

Clothing and Equipment

No special clothing is required by the organization but proper sportswear and trail shoes are recommended. You can dress up for the event.


Each participant has to return the timing chip to the organization at the end of the race. Any unreturned or lost chip will be charged 15 € to the participant.

Image use

By registering, each participant authorizes the free use of photos and videos taken during the event on the internet and on the media. He/she also allows the organization to use the images collected during the race for promotion purposes.


A cloakroom will be available to leave your belongings. The bib number will be associated to the number assigned to your bag. Nevertheless, the organization shall not be held liable for any loss or theft.

By participating in the Ultimate Ardennes Race, you accept the present rules and code of conduct without any reservation.